Apple users have a TON of information tied to this - please allow us to push trifecta nutrition data to our Apple health app.
It already collects most data automatically through the phones telemetry + smart home devices (ie every time I jump on my scale or get into or out of my Eight sleep smart bed)
Adding in compatibility to push this data of the foods we eat and workouts completed automatically to the health app - obviously helps us get a clear picture of nutrition & fitness goals ... obviously not all components are used and we can only see nutrition goals and great workout info only through trifecta app BUT pushing these nutrients logs & all the data already within app etc through Apple health allows us to compile an insane amount of health data- giving users insight to such trends & data and a ton of useful info as well as history log
I could ask myself why is my weight fluctuating? What led to this injury , why am I feeling so tired? just check app- where you can see amount of sleep , your workouts , even if your putting more weight on one foot than another - how active you are, amount of steps & miles ran or walked- even avg step distance and shifting weight unevenly is automatically logged while walking which could point to an injury you didn’t even notice or after a brutal leg day.
Just saying trifecta could be open to a bigger audience and one of the first of it’s breed by offering these resources keeping up with these other major apps who do log these and push this data along to Apple health such as Noom, sleep++, fitwell, Nike app, there’s a ton of great resources available to us I hope to integrate this on my Apple health devices soon.